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Artists and professionals share everything they know about theatre performances and talk about how the cultural industry has changed over the years. If you are a serious fan of theatre performances, then these podcasts are for you.

Standing By – Maddy Henry

This is an original podcast broadcasting across Canada. Listeners can tune into conversations between individuals that share their experiences with live performances. The host invites well-known artists like Cole Vincent. Look behind the curtain, and meet the people who bring theatre, art, and culture to life!

Title Block – Michael Kruse

Title Block – Michael Kruse - Podcasts

Title Block is a podcast devoted to Canadian theatre designers. Designers reveal advice about their craft and share their experiences in the industry. The host has experience with lighting effects. Episodes discuss training, philosophy, and the history of their craft. He invites special designers like Dana Osborne to discuss costume design.

CI to Eye – Eric Gensler

The host also leads a digital marketing consulting firm for the arts. He holds interviews with experienced artists and thinkers of the arts about marketing, culture, leadership, and innovation. Marketers, managers, and people who are curious about the business of art can tune into this channel. Learn about interesting and relevant issues in the art industry.

PlayME – CBC

PlayME – CBC - Podcasts

PlayME is a CBC sponsored podcast, and it celebrates the best of Canadian Theatre on an international and national level. The show highlights the ever-evolving industry, and it discusses innovative ways of attracting more people to theatre production.

The show keeps things interesting by inviting talented artists to speak about their experiences. The podcast hosts interviews with actors and other talented artists that focus on current and relevant topics in the art industry. The mission of this podcast is to change the way people experience Canadian theatre.

If you are interested in the theatre industry, or if you are just an admirer of Canadian theatre, these channels will quench your appetite for knowledge about the industry. Subscribe to the blog for the latest news and updates.