Best National Arts Centre Performances Scheduled for 2022

The National Arts Centre (NAC) is a leading cultural arts centre located in Ottawa, Canada. The prestigious centre hosts hundreds of performances and shows throughout the year.

We have highlighted the following performances if you are interested in attending any of these exciting events during the year.

Truth in Our Time – Southam Hall

The NAC Orchestra 2022 Tour is a live stream event. The performance will include classical masterworks and a few other special performances by the world-class orchestra. The show will be screened in the Southam Hall 13-14 April 2022.

Irish Mythen – Fourth Stage

Located on the Fourth Stage, the Irish Mythen is an Irish musical production with traditional dances and folk music. Fans of Irish folk music can join this spectacle on 14 April 2022.

Riverdance – Southam Hall

This is arguably one of the most popular dance shows in the world. Riverdance has entertained audiences for more than 25 years. Book your spot for 15 – 17 April 2022. Immerse yourself in folk dancing and music.

Bruce Cockburn – Southam Hall

This talented artist will be performing at Southam Hall on 23 April 2022. This will be a 50th-anniversary concert. Cockburn still has devoted fans who follow his rock and folk music.

Anastasia – Southam Hall

The theatrical success of Anastasia still reverberates through many parts of the world. Southam Hall welcomes this Broadway production to Ottawa. Broadway fans can book a ticket for 26 – 1 May 2022.

#IMOMSOHARD – Southam Hall

This stand-up comedy act has gained popularity among North Americans in recent years. These comedians will likely put a smile on your face. The comedy night kicks off on 21 May at 8 pm. Book your tickets to avoid missing out on this world-class comedy production.

Some of these productions and performances feature more than once a year, so you can check the schedule on the NAC website if you are too late to make a booking for a special cultural event or activity.

The NAC has a notable reputation among citizens and tourists alike. Many of these performances are booked months in advance, so it is crucial to make a reservation in advance.